7 Impressive Health Benefits of Kiwi : Healthy Fruits

7 Impressive Health Benefits of Kiwi : Healthy Fruits

7 Impressive Health Benefits of Kiwi : Healthy Fruits


Kiwis are small fruits that is packed with a lot of flavor and plenty of health benefits, their green flesh is sweet and tangy. 

It’s also full of nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E,  potassium, etc. 

Kiwi also have a lot of antioxidants and are also a good source of fiber. 

Their small black seeds are also edible, as is the fuzzy brown peel, though many people prefer to peel the kiwi before eating it.

Here are 7 Health Benefits of Kiwi :

1. Can help treat asthma

As kiwi contains Vitamin C, it is thought that the high amount of vitamin C and antioxidants that kiwis contain can actually help to treat people with asthma. 

One study from in 1000 found that there was a beneficial effect on the lung function among those who consumed fresh fruit regularly, including kiwis. 

Fresh fruit like kiwi may also help to reduce wheezing in susceptible children.

2. Aids digestion

Kiwis have plenty of fiber, it means  this is  good for digestion. 

They also contain a proteolytic enzyme called actinidin that may help to break down protein. 

One study recently found that kiwi extract containing actinidin has  greatly enhanced the digestion of most proteins.

3. Boosts the immune system

Kiwi is nutrient-dense and full of vitamin C. In fact, just 1 cup of kiwi provides about 250 percent of your daily recommended value.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient which helps in boosting your immune system to ward off disease. 

One study even found that kiwi may support immune function and reduce the probability of developing cold- or flu-like illnesses. 

This is especially true for groups like adults over the age of 60 and young children.

4. Reduces risk of other health conditions

Oxidative stress can result in damage to our DNA which can lead to health problems. 

But thanks to its antioxidants, there is some evidence from study that regular consumption of kiwi or kiwi extract reduces the likelihood of oxidative stress.

Since oxidative DNA damage is strongly connected with colon cancer so regular kiwi consumption could lower your risk of colon cancer, too.

5. Can help manage blood pressure

Not only can kiwi fruits provide an extra boost to our immune system, they are also helpful to manage our blood pressure. 

A study in 2014 found evidence that the bioactive substances in three kiwis a day can lower your blood pressure more than one apple a day. 

In the Long term, this may also mean a lowered risk for the conditions that can be caused by high blood pressure, like strokes or heart attacks.

6. Reduces blood clotting

Actually kiwis can reduce blood clotting also.

A study from the University of Oslo found that eating two to three kiwis a day significantly reduced the risk of blood clotting.

Kiwis were also found to reduce the amount of fat in the blood. 

7. Protects against vision loss

Macular degeneration is the main or leading cause of vision loss, and kiwis might help protect our eyes from it. 

One study found that by eating three servings of this fruit a day, macular degeneration was decreased by 35 % . 

High levels of zeaxanthin and lutein in kiwi are thought to contribute to this effect.

Potential risks-

Eating kiwi fruit is regarded as safe for most people around the world but the main exception is for those who are allergic to this type of fruits.

Signs of a kiwi allergy include itchy throat, swollen tongue, trouble swallowing and vomiting also. 

Your risk of allergy to kiwi increases if you are also allergic to hazelnuts, avocados, latex, wheat, figs, or poppy seeds.

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