5 Types of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Products That you Should Use

5 Types of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging That you Should Use 

Approximately around 60% of all plastics produced worldwide are used for food packaging .

Due to various environmental and human health effects of non-degradable plastic packaging, many people are fighting to drastically reduce plastic production and increase recycling as well as to promote more sustainable food packaging products.

This article explains to the need for eco-friendly food packaging items.

5 Types of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging That you Should Use

Here are the 5 eco-friendly food packaging options that are better for the planet and your health.

1.  Bamboo

Bamboo is a natural biodegradable and possesses many desirable traits for food packaging, as it’s durable and heat resistant too.

Bamboo-containing food packaging includes products like countertop glass jars with bamboo lids, portable plastic-free lunch boxes with bamboo lids, bamboo bread boxes, and bamboo serving bowls.

Keep in mind that food containers made from bamboo or other plant fibers are less durable than glass or stainless steel and wear and tear more easily, so use them with care.


2.  Rice husk

Rice husk is a byproduct of rice farming that is low efficient renewable, and biodegradable.

In one study, it was shown that Rice husk have bio-adsorbent properties, which means that it absorbs pollutants from its surrounding environment.

Products made from Rice husk includes sealable lunch boxes and shatterproof serving bowls.

3. Glass containers

Glass has a multiple of uses and benefits for daily life.

It’s a recyclable, reusable and durable material which is also easy to clean and use as transportable food packaging. 

Most of these transportable glass as food containers use snap-locking plastic lids with a silicone seal or bamboo lids that double as portable cutting boards.

Be sure that you choose lids that are free of bisphenol-A (BPA), a known endocrine disruptor shown to play a role in both male and female infertility and tumor development also.

Unless broken, these Glass containers have a lifespan  3.5 times that of plastics and can be recycled when discarded, reducing the negative impact of plastics in the environmental 

4. Stainless steel

Food-grade stainless steel is durable, heat resistant and rust-free, making it a safe choice for users for food storage. It’s also reusable and recyclable too.

Stainless steel lunch boxes are widely available for the use, but most products use silicone to make them leak-free, either via a silicone seal with lockable steel clips or colorful, BPA-free, food-safe silicone lids.

Glass storage jars with stainless steel, airtight lids used for keeping bulk foods like flours, grains, and spices.

5. Gelatin films

Gelatin films are becoming most popular for food packaging because of their nontoxic properties, low cost, and reliable film-forming capacity.

Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) and rosin-grafted cellulose nanocrystals (r-CNCs) are the two main fillers for gelatin food packaging.

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Glass containers, food-grade stainless steel, bamboo, rice husk, and cellulose-filled gelatin films are some of the most eco-friendly food packaging on the market which are now being used a lot by the people around the world for safe environment .


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