What is YOGA ? What are the benefits of Yoga, and How to start practicing YOGA?

What is YOGA ? What are the benefits of Yoga?

WHAT IS YOGA ? What are the benefits of Yoga, and How to start practicing YOGA?

Yoga is a physical, mental, spiritual practice or  discipline that originated in India 2500 years ago and is still effective in bringing overall health and well being to any person who does it regularly.

 The practice of yoga is the application of a set of concentration techniques that are practiced to achieve greater physical and mental control.

 Yoga is an age-old science made up of different disciplines of mind and body .

Its methods and effects are now being studied and accepted worldwide, with many research studies supporting how it enhances immunity and lung capacity.

The word yoga is based upon a Sanskrit verb Yuja. It means to connect, or to culminate. It's the culmination of our mind and body or the culmination of Jiva and Shiva (soul and the universal spirit). It's also a culmination of Purush and Prakriti (Yin and Yang).

What are the benefits of yoga?

There are so many benefits that yoga brings on a physical, mental, and emotional level, and it is said that its regular practice can change our lives.

1. Reduce stress

Due to the standard of living of the current society, hurries, worries, and responsibilities, the body responds to this by generating cortisol, a hormone responsible for keeping the body on alert. 

The combination of action and relaxation in practice, will allow us to immediately control the secretion of this hormone reducing stress.

2. Improves breathing

Due to  awareness of our own breathing, the main and fundamental aspect of Yoga  will reduce the stress caused by our daily life. Stress affects breathing first of all. So if we start to control this, we will be on the path to improve our physical and mental health.

3. Increase strength and endurance

In Yoga practice , we use all the muscles of our body. The regular practice of Yoga will allow us to develop our muscles, from the largest to the smallest, gaining strength and endurance. Along with the coordination of breathing and mind, Yoga becomes a very beneficial practice if done correctly.

4. Increase flexibility

If we practice Yoga on a regular basis, the muscles will stretch more easily and the joints will increase their elasticity. With regular practice, this will be translated into greater agility and prevention of ailments that appear with age, as well as prevent the effects of daily postures, such as sitting in the office, driving, standing, etc.

5. It benefits the circulation

You will obtain benefits in your circulatory system, based mainly on postures and relaxation and meditation exercises. Relying on the vinyasa, postures linked to the rhythm of breathing, we will obtain a much healthier heart.

6. Weight control

We must keep this in mind that weight loss is the result of a balanced diet such as starting the morning with healthy breakfasts. As a result , it will help us in this process of mental control of our impulses and anxieties.

7. Regulates the nervous-endocrine system

Yoga helps in regulating and restoring the balance of our nervous and endocrine systems. These are responsible for the process of reception, integration, and response of all types of information that is received by the body and mind.

8. Alleviate the pain

Several studies have shown that thanks to the practice of Yoga and its asana (postures) when combined with relaxation and meditation, people with diseases or ailments get very considerable relief. If you are from people who have physical ailments, we encourage you to start your practice.

9. Development of consciousness

This is the greatest gift that Yoga offers us: the connection with the present moment . The more you practice, the more aware you become of our environment and the world around us. It directly benefits better concentration, coordination, reaction time, and memory.

10. Inner peace

It is the immediate result of regular practice of Yoga and meditation.  It Cultivates inner peace and stillness. Yoga and meditation are the basis for the other benefits of Yoga to have a real and authentic effect.

How to start practicing YOGA:

* Choose a convenient time : basically early morning.

* Choose a comfortable place .

*  Practice on a relatively empty stomach.

*  Keep your yoga wear simple : go for loose, comfortable clothing.

 * Warm-up before doing intense yoga postures

* It is your own body; be gentle on it : Start with simple and easy yoga poses

 *  Be consistent : It is essential to be regular with your yoga practice.

 * Include a variety of yoga techniques : Practice a variety of yoga poses and breathing techniques


Who should take precautions for the better results:

Yoga in general is safe for most people. But it may be necessary to avoid some yoga poses, or modify poses if you: 

Are pregnant

Have high blood pressure

Have glaucoma

Has sciatica

Make sure to notify your yoga instructor if you have any of these conditions or any other injuries or medical problems. A qualified yoga teacher should be able to help you find poses that are safe for your body .

Yoga styles

There are many different types or styles of yoga. These vary from mild to more intense. Some of the most popular styles of yoga are:

Bikram or hot yoga.

 You do a series of 26 poses in a room with a temperature range between 95 ° F and 100 ° F (35 ° C and 37.8 ° C). The goal  is to warm and stretch the muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and to purify the body through sweat.

Hatha yoga. 

This is sometimes used as a general term for yoga. It usually includes both breathing and postures.


A gentle type of yoga can include breathing exercises, chanting, and meditation.


A style that pays a lot of attention to precise our body alignment. You can also hold the poses for extended periods of time.


 It Emphasize the effects of breathing on postures. The goal is to release energy from the lower body so that it can travel upward.


This style adapts postures to the needs and abilities of each person and coordinates breathing and postures.

WHAT IS YOGA ? What are the benefits of Yoga, and How to start practicing YOGA?


YOGA is a practice that will bring you benefits to your physical, mental and spiritual world from the first day you started . It's a sport that we can do anywhere. 

If you can also choose a quiet and comfortable place, the experience will be much more beneficial and  positive. 

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