SOME INTERSTING FACTS ABOUT HEALTH TRIANGLE

What does it mean to have a good health? Your “total health” refers to three kinds of health — physical health, mental health, and social health. These three things are called the “Health Triangle” model.

 Mental Health

Mental health is defined and evaluated by our ability to handle the stresses of our daily life and maintain a generally cheerful and optimistic attitude about life. 

Looking at a person's mental health, we need to consider their relationships with friends and family. Some people also include learning abilities when evaluating about mental health.

There are ways you can take care of and improve mental health. 

Studying, researching, and learning


Listening to music

Only watching movies, TV programs, websites, or video games that are age appropriate and social.

Talking about your feelings at appropriate times; telling others how you feel about them in in a simple and gentle manner.

Going to see a mental health counselor when there is need to, just like you would see a dentist for a cavity.

Quality Sleep ,Getting the right amount of uninterrupted sleep every night (which is also good for physical health — both your body and mind need rest in order to repair and regenerate itself)

Spend time each day thinking of several things you like about yourself so that you can help yourself to maintain a positive self image.

Social Health

A person's real-life social network is a crucial indicator of their social health. It has the ability to form positive and supportive relationships . 

Here, you see a tie-in with mental and physical health. Lack of friends can lead to depression, which can cause physical health-related symptoms. In contrast, a person with a strong network of friends will always have people they can turn to.

A few examples of ways to have good social health: 

Using good manners.

Treating others as the way you want to be treated (this is often called the “golden rule”)

Being loyal to your friends and family.

Never gossip, never spread rumors, or never talk about others behind their back.

Be pleasant, courteous, and respectful.

Working well in a team or group.

Having and showing good sportsmanship.

Showing the right kinds of respect to those people who are above you in authority, such as parents, teachers, professors, police, or your boss at work.

Physical Health

Physical health is defined by a person's sleep and eating habits, as well as the amount of exercise they get and their oral hygiene. 

In evaluating physical health, we look at drug, alcohol and smoking habits and consider whether the person has regular checkups such as breast exams, colonoscopy, skin cancer exams and any other necessary medical exams in regular terms .

There are things you can do to take care of your body, to improve or maintain good physical health. Some examples of these things are:

Good hygiene (bathing regularly, washing your hands often, brushing your teeth). Keeping your body clean; avoid contacting or spreading germs and viruses whenever possible.

Exercise daily

Getting enough rest daily.

Eating a diet of healthy food daily.

Taking medications correctly if a doctor has prescribed them to you.

Always being safe and following safety rules.

Seeing your doctor, dentist, or other kinds of medical professionals for regular check-ups, and to treat any injuries, cavities, or other kinds of corrections your body may need in a regular basis if needed.

Interesting Facts about HEALTH TRIANGLE.


Questions for thought: 

Can you think even more ways that you can improve any of the three types of health mentioned above?

What are some activities that you can do on a regular basis, and which of the three types of health do they affect?


One way to manage and keep track of your overall wellness that includes all three sides of the Health Triangle is ,by using a wellness scale.

Your health is like a triangle. It needs all three sides. If you took one side away, it would cause the other two sides to fall apart. Taking care of all the three sides to your health equally — physical, mental, and social health — puts you in more control of being the healthiest person that you can be.

All the three sides of the Health Triangle work together. Your total health depends on all the three things working well, and working together.

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